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More Than Pilates.
We Support Whole Wellness.

Key Pilates goes beyond our commitment to provide our clients with the best Pilates instruction by supporting the importance of Whole Wellness. We are incredibly proud to have nutrition coaches on staff, ready to guide you. Additionally, we’ve gone a step further by teaming up with licensed experts in dietetics and nutrition. Registered Dieticians will help design meal programs working to address, manage, or prevent diet related heath challenges.

Kayla Michaud

BS Dietetics

MS Health Psychology

Kayla has worked as a Registered Dietitian since October 2017. She has extensive experience in the outpatient setting working 1:1 with people managing health conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Failure, Overweight/Obesity, Kidney Disease and others.

Lauren Melia

Certified Nutrition Coach

In addition to Pilates instruction, Lauren is certified in nutrition coaching.

Whole Wellness Options

Nutrition Coaching

$80 1 hour

$40 1/2 hour

Exercise is just one piece of the wellness puzzle. In fact, studies repeatedly show that it’s what we fuel ourselves with that matters most. Movement simply supports and enhances an already well nourished body, allowing for a higher level of health and wellness. Our nutrition coaches will guide you towards the best options for you helping you make more informed choices to support your goals and well being.


In person and virtual

Clinical Nutrition Counseling

$100 1 hour

$50 1/2 hour

Our Registered Dietitians are prepared to counsel our clients and create meal programs designed to help reach personal goals and/or regulate and manage clinical health diagnosis.

In person and virtual

Nutrition Education Seminars


Created and presented by our on-staff Registered Dietitians, Key Pilates will provide regular virtual and in-person nutrition seminars. With the goal of helping educate clients about some of the most important information in nutrition, we offer these informative seminars at an affordable rate for all members and non-members alike. Space is limited and offered on a first come, first serve basis.

In person and virtual


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