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About Our Studio

We look forward to supporting you on your health and fitness journey. Our studio is clean, comfortable, and fully equipped with several different Pilates apparatus. Our experienced Pilates instructors are committed to offering the highest quality, personalized instruction to all who enter our studio. From youth to collegiate athletes, individuals looking to supplement their current routine and take their fitness to the next level, or those who just want to move better and live better, we believe Pilates is for everyBODY.

We proudly offer 1v1 training, semi-private sessions and small group classes. We also believe in and support a holistic approach to health and fitness that continues beyond exercise.


In addition to Pilates, we are committed to partnering with a network of qualified professionals to help provide our members with dietary guidance and programs, education workshops, and will be participating in and hosting community outreach events. 


Key Pilates adheres closely to, and all our instructors are certified in the classical Pilates method. Rooted in alignment of the human movement system, classical Pilates systematically promotes and helps develop an equal balance of strength, mobility, and flexibility.

Our Mission

At Key Pilates, our mission is to provide a clear path to positive change through education, empowerment, and support. We strive to leave a positive impact on the community through service and outreach. By providing a comprehensive experience, we ensure our clients have the tools to live better.

Our Dedicated Staff

Lauren is a great instructor.  She makes everything very easy to understand and makes sure you do everything the right way. She is also great with athletes. She knows the body very well and can figure out what needs fixed and how to fix it. Whether I’m trying to get stronger and more mobile, or fix an injury, Lauren knows what do to.


Our History

My Journey Is Key

Established in 2021, Key Pilates began five years earlier as a spark of light during an otherwise dark time in my life.


While in the midst of dealing with several challenging family and personal issues, I still managed to maintain a lucrative position as a personal trainer. However, no matter how much I earned, I felt deeply uninspired and unfulfilled.


After earning a decade’s worth of experience, with an emphasis on corrective exercise, I decided to sign myself up for Pilates instructor training. Despite the chaos in my life, I needed to feel a sense of inspiration again. I craved a deeper understanding of the science of human movement. I knew that doing these things would, in turn, give me the ability to positively impact more lives and better serve others.


The vision of creating a learning environment for health and wellness to affect positive change in the lives of those in my community began to take shape.


My life’s focus and direction shifted when I found purpose and light again, and Key Pilates was born.

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