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Lauren Melia

Comprehensive Peak Pilates Instructor
NASM Certified
  • Personal Trainer
  • Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Behavioral Change Specialist

Growing up, I was shuffled between two divorced, addict parents, with frequent stints at friends’ and relatives’ homes in-between. Caught-up in extreme dysfunction and struggling to manage it all, I found comfort in food. Weight gain followed and by the time I had reached my teens, I was suffering from an eating disorder - my life was chaos, and my self-worth was non-existent. I was 18 when I dropped out of school and became pregnant for the first time. 


By age 22, I was a young, single mom of two with only a GED and zero support network. Day-by-day survival was my singular priority. My physical and mental wellbeing took a back seat, and exercise was the very last thing on my mind.


By age 28, I broke. I was mentally and physically exhausted and tired of the cycle of misery I’d found myself in. Something HAD to change. So, I started working out and enrolled in college. The more I prioritized my wellbeing, the better things became, and a new cycle emerged: set goal, accomplish goal, repeat. Continuing this way, I achieved my personal trainer certification, solidifying a new trajectory for my life. By age 35, I was working on the leadership team at one of the largest fitness clubs in the country; by age 38, I created and was operating a wellness program for a large software company; by age 40, I had earned multiple advanced certifications in fitness, health, and wellness. I was addicted to bettering myself and helping others. It had become clear this was my life’s work. 


As a trainer and coach, I value and emphasize the corrective approach to exercise, and was initially drawn to Pilates for its corrective benefits. In practice, Pilates helped me with my own posture and movement compensations, providing relief from longstanding aches and pains and allowing for increased performance. It elevated my understanding of the human anatomy and movement system and I knew I wanted to share these life-changing benefits with as many people as I could reach. Enter Current Goal: Learn all the Pilates share with EVERYONE!!!


I will be 45 in 2022, when Key Pilates opens its doors for the very first time. I believe in, and am evidence of, the power of the mind-body connection and its ability to not only change how you think, but also how you feel, move and live. I’ve found Pilates to be the Key that allows me to help others transform their own lives because, if I can do it, YOU can too. 

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